Greaseproof Paper

We supply varied sizes of greaseproof paper for different uses. Other than pre-cut sheets of various sizes, we also provide sheeted greaseproof paper for wrapping food, as well as utilizing them for lining food trays and snack boxes in takeaway restaurants. We also manufacture other similar sheets like tracing paper, burger, sandwich and kebab wraps. Our printed greaseproof paper can also be used for wrapping gifts.

Our standard cut greaseproof paper is available in three sizes namely full size, ½ cut, and 1/3 cut. However, we cut the greaseproof paper to whatever size the customer requires (1/6, 1/8, etc)

In addition, our other range of products includes the “High Wet Strength Paper” of 32gsm, which ensures better protection, although it is priced more than the usual 28gsm greaseproof paper.