Drain Foam 'Clear Out' Probiotic Can 500G
Drain Foam 'Clear Out' Probiotic Can 500G

Drain Foam 'Clear Out' Probiotic Can 500G

Product code: 22834 Brand: Easy Pest Su

Manufacture Code: unknown2090

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Clear Out Probiotic Drain Foam contains a concentrated mix of natural microbial spores which when activated, digest bad bacteria. This unique Probiotic Drain Foam formulation eliminates, prevents & guards against the build-up of scum, mould & other decaying organic matters in drains and other areas. Eliminating the BIOFILM (removing the source) reduces the potential harbourages and breeding sites of insects such as drain flies and cockroaches to aide in their control.

•  Suitable for use on carpets and soft furnishings
• Fully biodegradable
• Safe for use in septic systems
• Eliminates food source required by drain flies
• For domestic, commercial & industrial use
• Australian Made & Owned
• Helps remove the food source and biofilm breeding medium required by drain flies, cockroaches and ants
• Actively breaks down organic matter that causes blockages and odours in drains & grease traps