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Gloves Vinyl Medium Powder Free Blue (Pack 100)

Gloves Vinyl Medium Powder Free Blue (Pack 100)

Product code: 19722 Brand: Livingstone

Manufacture Code: glvnpf100mb-pk

Regular price $23.96

Description: Universal Vinyl Gloves, 5.0g, Powder Free, Medium, Blue, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), 100 per Box
Colour: Blue
General Description: Made from synthetic thermoplastic polymers and are resistant to oils and fats. It is recommended for use for customers who are latex sensitive and suffer from type I or type IV latex allergies. Powder-free, seamless. Limit particulate contamination in critical environments. Conforms to AS/NZS: 4011 : 2014, ASTM and/or HACCP standards. CE Certified. Livingstone proudly states that we are probably the only Australian glove supplier who regularly adheres to Third Party Quality Inspection regimen to ensure strict quality compliance with Australian Standards, ASTM and/or HACCP by our factories prior to delivery.
Material: Vinyl
Size: Medium