Tork Advanced Wiper (420) Perform 1 Roll

Tork Advanced Wiper (420) Perform 1 Roll

Product code: 13017 Brand: JS Hayes

Manufacture Code: 130042

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Tork® Wiping Paper Plus is made with QuickDry technology which gives it excellent wet strength and absorbency. With a range of convenient dispensing solutions, wiping up is made easy across a range of industries including food processing, food service and industrial workshops.

  • Efficient: Efficient wiping with extra strong, extra absorbent QuickDry technology
  • Economical: Use less than ordinary paper thanks to the absorbency of QuickDry technology – our strongest, most absorbent paper, for more efficient drying with less waste
  • Versatile: Multipurpose paper thats suiable for hand drying and wiping up spills