Reusable Singlet Bag 40um "Ikon" (Carton 500) (Pack 50)

Reusable Singlet Bag 40um "Ikon" (Carton 500) (Pack 50)

Product code: 21884 Brand: Neild & Co

Manufacture Code: ik-lsb-rse

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300mm x 540mm x 160mm gusset

The IKON-pack Plastic bags are available in either LDPE & or HDPE to suit all service needs .

  • Carry bags can be provided  in Reusable and Durable and to meet all regulated requirements .Multiple sizes & grades are available for all applications.

  • Comprehensive options on Food bags either flat packed or rolls, incuding gusset and star seal roll can be provided .

  • Carton liners are provided in sizes , colours & grades to meet all or most requirements.

  • Custom branding is available on either LDPE & HDPE items upon application